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Former Carnality Admiral Joe Biden came beneath blaze from his adolescent Democratic presidential hopefuls in the added annular of the agitation in Detroit on Wednesday, with challengers like Kamala Harris and Cory Booker acquisitive to put a cavity in his cachet as the frontrunner for the party’s nomination.

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Over the advance of added than two hours in Detroit’s celebrated Fox Theater, Biden dedicated himself forth two curve of attack: critiques that his accepted action proposals aren’t accelerating enough, and attacks on his all-encompassing record, congenital up over the advance of his decades-long career.

Biden, who got appreciably added speaking time than the added candidates on stage, appeared far added able than he did in the aboriginal agitation in June. He displayed a close butt of the capacity of his rivals’ proposals on bloom affliction and immigration, and showed a acquaintance with their own annal on issues like bent amends and bread-and-butter policy.

Read more: Top takeaways from Wednesday night’s Democratic primary debate

Kamala Harris, whose action with Biden authentic the aboriginal debate, connected to claiming the above carnality president, best conspicuously in touting her afresh apparent bloom affliction plan. But that plan additionally opened her up to criticism from candidates to her left, who answerable her plan does not aggregate a accurate “Medicare for All” archetypal aback it allows for a role for clandestine insurers. The California agent additionally came beneath analysis for her almanac as a prosecutor in California, admitting her attempts to about-face that acquaintance into an altercation for why she can exhausted Admiral Trump.

The best arduous criticism for Biden came from those candidates in the average and low tiers who see an befalling to cull Biden to the larboard on their signature issues. Julián Castro challenged him on immigration, decidedly his almanac on deportations in the Obama administration. Booker took him to assignment on bent amends and Biden’s abutment for the 1994 abomination bill. Jay Inslee insisted Biden’s altitude change plan is bare to advance with the accepted crisis.

But Biden survived the battery of admission blaze and seemed to appear with his frontrunner cachet intact, at atomic for now. Below are the key moments from the added night in Detroit, as they happened. — Stefan Becket

11:32 p.m.: Biden batten for about 20 account and was alleged on by the moderators 29 times, including abundant times aback he was accustomed to acknowledge to a absolute critique. Harris was added in speaking time, and Yang batten the least.

These times accommodate crosstalk and interruptions, but don’t calculation aperture or closing statements:

— Aaron Navarro

10:51 p.m.: Candidates acclimated their closing statements to reiterate the amount attempt of their campaigns.

Castro afresh a accepted band from the aboriginal agitation for his closing statement, adage that on commencement day in 2021 he would say: “Adiós, Donald Trump.”

Andrew Yang had an abnormal statement, acquainted that in the aftermost debate, the actuality that he didn’t abrasion a tie accustomed added absorption than the automation of American jobs, his key issue. Yang additionally likened the Democratic debates to a “reality TV” show.

“We’re up actuality with architecture on our faces and our apposite advance lines, arena roles on this absoluteness TV show,” Yang said.

Harris alleged Mr. Trump a “predator,” adage that “predators are cowards.” She accustomed her acquaintance as apostle accepted of California in activity afterwards bloodthirsty corporations as affidavit she could booty on Mr. Trump.

Biden, who was targeted throughout the night by about every applicant on stage, afresh his accepted byword that this acclamation is “a action for the body of America,” absorption on Mr. Trump as his capital adversary instead of the added Democrats.

“Eight added years of Donald Trump will change America in axiological ways,” Biden argued.

— Grace Segers and Kathryn Watson

10:22 p.m.: Harris, apprenticed on antecedent comments about prosecuting the admiral for obstruction of justice, said she’d never “direct” the Amends Department to arraign Mr. Trump. But Mueller categorical 10 bright instances of obstruction of amends in his address that cannot be ignored, she said.

“There are 10 bright incidents of obstruction of amends by this president, and he needs to be captivated accountable,” Harris said. “I’ve apparent bodies go to bastille for far less.”

Booker said allegation affairs charge to activate immediately, backroom “be damned.”

Castro said he agrees no admiral should “direct” such a prosecution, but that the case of Mr. Trump on obstruction accuse is likely.

— Kathryn Watson

10:15 p.m.: Gillibrand challenged Biden over an assessment allotment he wrote in 1981 opposing a bill to accommodate a tax acclaim to advice parents pay for adolescent care. Gillibrand quoted Biden as autograph that the bill would account the “deterioration” of family.

“That was a continued time ago,” Biden said. He said his action to the bill was because it provided a tax acclaim to wealthier Americans. He additionally acclaimed he had continued been an apostle for women’s rights, and Gillibrand had advanced accepted him for his advancement during an actualization at an accident together.

“I don’t apperceive what’s happened except that you’re now active for president,” Biden said, about Gillibrand’s newfound criticism of his positions.

Harris additionally targeted Biden for his contempo flip-flop on the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal allotment for abortions.

— Grace Segers

10:09 p.m.: The above carnality admiral said he would not acknowledge the Obama-era Trans-Pacific Partnership as it was written. Mr. Trump withdrew from the world’s better chargeless barter accord in 2017, declaring it one of the affliction deals anytime made.

“I would not acknowledge TPP as it was initially put forward,” Biden said.

Instead, Biden said, he’d renegotiate TPP and apprenticed to accommodate activity leaders at the acceding table.

— Kathryn Watson

10:04 p.m.: Through the added break, Biden has maintained his advance in speaking time, accepting about three account added time than Harris. Times accommodate crosstalk and interruptions, but don’t calculation aperture statements:

— Aaron Navarro

9:58 p.m.: Aback asked how he could defeat Mr. Trump in Michigan, Biden mined his acquaintance acceptable the accompaniment during the recession as carnality president.

“I was allotment of the alignment … that pushed bailing Accepted Motors out, extenuative tens of bags of jobs in this state,” Biden said. He added he had formed with the ambassador of Detroit to try to abate the city, and acclaimed that Detroit Ambassador Mike Duggan had accustomed him.

Booker argued he would be able to defeat Mr. Trump in Michigan by ambrosial to atramentous voters and atramentous women in particular, a demographic analytical to the Democratic Party which saw low assembly in 2016.

“We absent the accompaniment of Michigan because everybody from Republicans to Russians were targeting the accompaniment and suppressing the votes of African Americans,” Booker said.

— Grace Segers

9:46 p.m.: The admiral appears to be watching:

— Kathryn Watson

9:43 p.m.: Gillibrand, apprenticed on the achievability of the Blooming New Deal, which she has sponsored, started her acknowledgment with a dig at the accepted president.

“The aboriginal affair that I’m activity to do aback I’m admiral is I’m activity to Clorox the Oval Office,” she said.

— Kathryn Watson

9:39 p.m.: Inslee criticized Biden for not activity far abundant in his proposals to action altitude change.

“Middle arena solutions like the carnality admiral has proposed … are not activity to save us,” Inslee said. “Too little, too backward is too dangerous.”

Biden responded that there was “no average arena to my plan,” adage his administering would actual acknowledge the Paris Altitude Accords and advance $400 billion in analysis for active altitude change.

Yang took a hardly darker perspective, arguing it was already too backward to auspiciously area off the furnishings of altitude change.

“We are 10 years too late,” Yang said, abacus that the best action now was to “start affective our bodies to academy ground.”

— Grace Segers

9:35 p.m.: Gabbard insisted bodies suffered beneath Harris’ “reign” as a prosecutor in California, citation assorted means in which the senator, in her eyes, punished bodies unfairly.

“She put over 1,500 bodies in bastille for marijuana violations and afresh laughed about it aback she was asked if she anytime smoked marijuana,” Gabbard said, referencing a February radio account in which Gabbard laughed about smoker pot in college.

Gabbard claimed Harris would be a “prosecutor president,” saying, “There are too abounding examples to cite.”

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— Kathryn Watson

9:23 p.m.: In a callback to their ablaze barter over busing in the aboriginal debate, Harris afresh criticized Biden for his action to busing as a agent in the aboriginal 1970s.

Harris additionally hit Biden over his animadversion that he should be trusted on bent amends because he was alleged by Obama to serve as carnality president, adage the segregationist senators whom Biden already accepted would not accept accustomed Obama to become a agent in the aboriginal place.

Biden angry to Harris’ administering as apostle accepted of California, adage she bootless to accompany cases adjoin two acutely absolute academy districts in California.

Harris was additionally airtight by Gabbard, who accused her of acknowledging disproportionately acrid penalties for marijuana offenders.

“When you were in a position to accomplish a aberration and an appulse in these people’s lives, you did not,” Gabbard said.

— Grace Segers

9:15 p.m.: As the agitation angry to bent amends reform, Booker insisted Biden can’t ambit himself from his accomplished almanac on bent amends reform, decidedly his abutment for the 1994 abomination bill that led to added incarceration. Biden appropriate Booker bootless on bent amends ameliorate as ambassador of Newark. Eventually, Booker hit aback by adage he was “shocked” Biden capital to analyze annal on bent amends reform.

— Kathryn Watson

9:15 p.m.: Through the aboriginal bartering break, Biden and Harris batten the best and fielded the best questions.

Here’s how abundant time anniversary applicant got in the aboriginal allocation of the debate, including crosstalk and interruptions, but not including aperture statements:

— Aaron Navarro

9:07 p.m.: De Blasio afresh questioned Biden about whether he adjoin accumulation deportations of undocumented immigrants during the Obama administration. Biden demurred, adage he would not acknowledge clandestine conversations he had with Obama as carnality president.

Booker alleged Biden on his artifice by acquainted how generally the above carnality admiral invokes Obama’s bequest during advance speeches.

“You can’t do it aback it’s acceptable and contrivance it aback it’s not,” Booker said about Biden’s afresh mentions of Obama.

Booker additionally hit Biden for his angle to accommodate blooming cards for immigrants with avant-garde degrees, adage that immigrants afterwards avant-garde degrees could additionally accord to society.

“Some are from ‘sh–hole’ countries,” Booker said, apropos to the appellation Mr. Trump already acclimated to accredit to third apple countries.

— Grace Segers

9:05 p.m.: Castro said he would abolition a allotment of U.S. cipher on actionable bound crossings.

Harris focused on the Trump administration’s administering of casual accouchement at the border, adage accouchement “should not be advised like criminals” and highlighting her appointment to a ability apartment unaccompanied minors.

Bennet said one affair all candidates on the date accede on is befitting families together. Not a distinct Democrat active for admiral would pry accouchement from their parents, he said.

Gillibrand said she thinks about immigrants who had fled their countries for abhorrence of violence. She said actionable bound crossings should alone be advised as civilian violations.

Yang said immigrants are actuality “scapegoated” for problems that aren’t theirs, pointing to automation as a far greater affair in America.

Inslee said America shouldn’t acquiesce a “white nationalist” to abide to be in the White House.

But it was Biden who had one of the starkest lines. The above carnality admiral insisted awning decisions charge to be bent quickly, and Central American nations charge added aid. But he drew a band that actionable clearing should break illegal.

“The actuality of the amount is if you cantankerous the bound illegally you should be able to be beatific back, it’s a crime,” Biden said.

Castro hit aback at Biden, alluding to a key claiming for Biden — advantageous his past. “Mr. Carnality President, it looks like one of us has abstruse the acquaint of the accomplished and one hasn’t.”

Inslee, too, alluded to Biden’s past, pointing out that Obama abandoned hundreds of bags of immigrants in his time in office. Biden skirted about that reality, talking instead about how it was Obama’s abstraction to actualize protections for alleged “Dreamers” who came to the U.S. as accouchement with their parents.

— Kathryn Watson

8:57 p.m.: In the added admirers admission of the night, protesters disconnected Biden’s acknowledgment on deportations during the Obama presidency.

Audience associates appeared to be chanting “3 actor deportations.”

— Grace Segers

8:47 p.m.: Bennet, who supports abacus a accessible option, criticized Medicare for All, saying: “It doesn’t accomplish faculty for us to booty abroad allowance from bisected the bodies in this allowance and put huge taxes on about everybody in this room.”

However, supporters of Medicare for All pushed aback adjoin the abstraction that it is too cher and unrealistic.

“I don’t accept why Democrats on this date are fear-mongering on accepted bloom care,” de Blasio said, accurately accusing Bennet of application Republican talking points.

Coming to the aegis of the Affordable Affliction Act and abacus a accessible option, Biden said it was “a agglomeration of malarkey” to say action to Medicare for All was a Republican concept.

— Grace Segers

8:42 p.m.: Gabbard took a attempt at Harris in the agitation over bloom affliction coverage, afterwards Harris acclaimed above Bloom and Animal Casework Secretary Kathleen Sebelius supports her proposal. Gabbard said that’s alone because Sebelius stands to accumulation from the proposal, as Sebelius now works for a aggregation accouterment Medicare Advantage plans.

— Kathryn Watson

8:35 p.m.: Biden and Harris anon got into an altercation over Harris’ anew appear plan for accepted bloom care.

“I advised a plan area … there will be a accessible plan beneath my plan for Medicare and a clandestine plan beneath my plan for Medicare,” Harris said.

Biden rejoined that the plan would be expensive, and not be actually implemented for 10 years.

“You can’t exhausted Admiral Trump with bifold allocution on this plan,” Biden said.

“Unfortunately Carnality Admiral Biden, you’re aloof artlessly inaccurate in what you’re describing,” Harris said.

“The plan, no amount how you cut it, costs $3 trillion,” Biden responded, acquainted it would additionally accession taxes on the average class.

Biden argued his angle would body on the Affordable Affliction Act. Harris acclaimed that Kathleen Sebelius, who served as bloom and animal casework secretary in the Obama administration, accurate her plan.

— Grace Segers

8:33 p.m.: Protesters bankrupt into Booker’s aperture account with chants of, “Fire Pantaleo,” a advertence to the Staten Island badge administrator who was austere in the afterlife of Eric Garner, an caught atramentous man who died in 2014 afterwards Pantaleo placed him in a chokehold. The chants appeared to be aimed at de Blasio.

The protesters, according to those in the agitation hall, were escorted outside.

— Kathryn Watson

8:29 p.m.: Best candidates took aim at the accepted administering in their aperture statements. Bennet answerable that Mr. Trump “frankly doesn’t accord a corruption about your kids or mine,” while Gabbard said that the admiral “is not behaving as a patriot.”

Yang trotted out his accepted band in his aperture statement: “The adverse of Donald Trump is an Asian man who brand math.”

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Booker, whose account was briefly disconnected by protesters, accursed Mr. Trump’s tweets targeting Rep. Elijah Cummings, a arresting atramentous affiliate of Congress.

Biden said that he was active to “restore the soul” of the country afterwards Mr. Trump’s four-year term. He additionally accent the assortment of the candidates on stage.

“Mr. President, let’s get article straight. We adulation it, we are not abrogation it, we are actuality to stay, and we are actually not abrogation it to you,” Biden said.

De Blasio criticized Biden and Harris by name, acquainted that Biden had promised affluent donors that backroom would not fundamentally change if he were elected.

“Kamala Harris says she’s not aggravating to restructure society. Well, I am,” de Blasio said, abacus that he would “tax the hell” out of the rich.

— Grace Segers

8:08 p.m.: Biden was the aboriginal to booty the stage, followed by Harris.

When they greeted anniversary other, Biden — who was accursed by Harris over academy busing and chase issues in aftermost month’s agitation — told her, “Go accessible on me, kid.”

— Kathryn Watson

8:05 p.m.: Candidates took the date anon afterwards 8 p.m. and will get one minute for aperture statements afore demography analytic begins.

Here’s area they’re standing, from larboard to right:

7:40 p.m.: The New York ambassador affairs to advertise a tax ameliorate plan in Wednesday night’s agitation that he’ll acclaim as the best advancing tax angle of any presidential applicant in the race, according to agent Jaclyn Rothenberg. The taxes would accompany in an added $1 abundance a year, she told CBS News.

He “would go further than any added 2020 applicant to adapt society,” Rothenberg said in a account that took aim at Warren and Sanders’ own tax plans.

De Blasio, who has been casting himself as a applicant attractive out for alive people, has struggled to this point to allure absorption amidst the acceptance of better-known autonomous candidates.

Read added about the angle here.

— Zak Hudak

Wednesday’s antagonism could actualization added action amid arch candidates, as they action to accession their profiles — forth with their polling numbers and donor abstracts — so they can accomplish it to the abutting round, aback the party’s academy thresholds for both these categories bliss in.

According to CNN, candidates will accept 60 abnormal to acknowledgment questions from the moderators and 30 abnormal for rebuttals and responses. Candidates at the agitation will bear aperture statements and closing remarks.

— Grace Segers

5:21 p.m.: Biden’s guests to the agitation accommodate allies of his advance and mayors of above cities. A advance abettor told CBS News that the afterward guests will be accessory the debate:

Biden has been criticized by Booker and Harris for his antecedent stances on busing and bent amends issues. His bedfellow account to the agitation includes several arresting atramentous politicians, whose appearances could bolster his abutment amid atramentous voters. Biden’s allurement of Weaver, the ambassador of Flint, indicates that he wants to accession acquaintance about the abridgement of admission to apple-pie baptize still afflictive the majority-black city.

— Bo Erickson and Grace Segers

4:29 p.m.: Harris, who has spent some time allegorical her attitude on “Medicare for All,” is now proposing her own adaptation of the single-payer allowance plan. She’ll abide a co-sponsor of the bill alien by Sanders, a advance agent said.

But there are key differences amid Harris’ plan and that of the Vermont senator: Harris has proposed to bifold the alteration aeon from the accepted bloom affliction arrangement to the single-payer system, to abate Sanders’ proposed tax on common families to pay for the plan, and she would acquiesce clandestine allowance companies to action Medicare options.

Harris’ plan would anon accord Americans the advantage of affairs into a Medicare system. It would acquiesce for Medicare for All to awning casework like emergency allowance visits, audition aids and actuality corruption treatment.

The plan additionally calls for an analysis of decree biologic costs. Harris is proposing a 10-year phase-in period, as adjoin to Sanders’ plan, which alleged for a four-year transition. Her plan would automatically accept newborns and uninsured individuals.

The Harris advance said that extending the alteration aeon would abatement the all-embracing amount of Medicare for All, but it did not specify what that new estimated amount would be. Sanders estimates that his plan could amount up to $40 abundance over a decade.

— Stephanie Ramirez

3:22 p.m.: Biden is acquisitive to accumulate the focus tonight on Admiral Trump, but will not abide aggressively arresting his almanac if confronted by adolescent Democrats.

Biden is able to “take it Donald Trump and to not booty any attacks on his almanac lying down,” a chief advance official told reporters Wednesday afternoon advanced of the debate. “You’ll apprehend him clear a able case for why Donald Trump’s leaderships has been a abortion for banal people. Why it’s been a abortion on the apple stage.”

During the debate, Biden hopes to “make a case for transformational change in this country” and hopes to accomplish the point that “consensus can’t be a bedraggled chat and you accept to assignment calm to accomplish change,” said the aide.

“You will actually see him allocution about some of the cogent differences in the field,” the abettor added. “Obviously, bloom affliction is one of them.”

Campaign aides banned to acknowledgment questions about how actually Biden has been advancing — and wouldn’t alike say which ancestors associates are in Detroit to watch the debate. But, they assured reporters that Biden “took basic actual seriously.”

— Ed O’Keefe and Caitlin Conant

3:07 p.m.: Approximately 8.7 actor admirers watched the aboriginal night of the added agitation on Tuesday, a abrupt bead from the aboriginal Democratic agitation in June. CNN additionally appear that 2.8 actor bodies watched via alive stream.

The debates in June, which aired on NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo, garnered 15.3 actor admirers beyond networks on the aboriginal night, and 18.1 actor admirers on the added night. Added than 9 actor admirers watched the aboriginal debates via alive stream.

Tonight’s agitation will affection two of the best aerial contour candidates, Harris and Biden, so ratings may already afresh go up for the added night.

Update, 7:15 p.m.: Later in the day, the admiral tweeted his booty on the less-than-stellar ratings:

— Grace Segers

2:41 p.m.: The Sanders advance is acclamation a achievement afterwards it appear a booty of $1.1 actor and added than 70,000 contributions from small-dollar donors aback Tuesday.

Sanders’ advance administrator credits the candidate’s blemish achievement during Tuesday night’s agitation for the fundraising milestone.

“Bernie Sanders allowable the debate, his eyes and account bedeviled the stage, and he larboard actually no agnosticism that he is the best applicant accessible to booty this action to Donald Trump and assuredly accompany the change we charge to America,” said Advance Administrator Faiz Shakir.

“Bernie Sanders stood out as a best of alive bodies and marginalized communities.”

The fundraising accomplishment is annihilation to belittle at either as candidates charge canyon alike stricter thresholds to accomplish the September agitation stage.

A agent for O’Rourke said that his advance had the better fundraising day of the division afterwards the debate, but beneath to absolution any added numbers.

— Emily Tillett

The admirers at Detroit’s Fox Theatre roared with acclaim for Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, two of the top contenders for the nomination.

Meanwhile, bottom-tier candidates like John Delaney, Tim Ryan and John Hickenlooper struggled to acreage their punches and affix with the audience, generally allotment to advance Sanders and Warren rather than alternation their blaze on the accepted administration.

Warren and Sanders emerged abundantly unscathed, accepting agilely dedicated their proposals while blame their opponents for declining to embrace adventurous action positions.

“You know, I don’t accept why anybody goes to all the agitation of active for admiral of the United States aloof to allocution about what we absolutely can’t do and shouldn’t action for,” Warren said, in one of the defining moments of the evening.

— Emily Tillett

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