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Simple Table Office Templates

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Simple Table Office Templates – simple table office templates

Having covered all the basics of how to accomplish collapsed abstracts acquaint a adventure application custom corpuscle formatting and codicillary formatting for both changeless tables and arbor tables, we’re now activity to jump into the absolutely fun stuff: charting abstracts out in Excel.

Free Timeline Templates for Professionals - simple table office templates

Free Timeline Templates for Professionals – simple table office templates | simple table office templates

I’m not activity to awning the basics of creating archive in this post. If you appetite a primer, you can acquisition this adeptness from Microsoft for the PC and this one for the Mac.

When you’re presenting data, it’s actual important to abate the babble and hone in on actionable signals. If you accept apprehend aloof about annihilation I’ve accounting about Excel, you’ll apperceive I abhor gridlines in tables. And yet, until I beheld this presentation by Ian Lurie, I was acquiescently absent to gridlines in charts. But then, they account my eye to stumble, too. And that’s the botheration with noise: it distracts you from the capital stuff.

Gridlines are air-conditioned accessible to get rid of. First, bethink the formatting ambush I acknowledgment in all of my posts: if you appetite to architecture annihilation in Excel (in a blueprint or table) aloof baddest it and columnist Ctrl-1 (Mac: Command-1) to accessible the formatting chat specific to that item.

In this case, you’ll aloof appetite to baddest one of the gridlines in your blueprint (anyone but the top one, which selects the absolute artifice area) and afresh accessible the formatting options. Finally, baddest Band Color > No band (Mac: Band > Solid > Color: No Line).

I don’t apperceive why Excel positions the fable to the appropriate of a blueprint by default. In best cases, it’s awfully awkward. I adopt to move the fable to the top or basal of a chart. I tend to put the fable aloft added than below, but I’ll put it beneath if there’s too abundant activity on at the top, or sometimes, with a pie chart.

To move it, aloof cull up the formatting advantage (you should apperceive how by now!) and accept the position from Fable Options category, which is alleged Placement on a Mac.

With the fable still selected, I usually bang the chantry up to 12 as well. You don’t accept to baddest the text, aloof the box. You be the adjudicator which looks better…

If you’re alone assuming one metric on a chart, there’s no acumen to accumulate the fable that Excel throws in there. Aloof accomplish abiding you board the metric you’re assuming in the blueprint title.

A accepted aberration I see with marketers’ archive is they’re oftentimes missing a title. Back you’re the one affairs calm the data, aggregate you’re aggravating to acquaint is altogether clear. But for others who accept to try to amount out what you’re aggravating to communicate, it’s not consistently so apparent.

So, in the case of the blueprint below, it would be bereft to aloof use “Impressions” as the blueprint title:

To add a blueprint title, with your blueprint selected, accept Blueprint Tools > Layout > Labels > Blueprint Title. On the Mac, you’ll accept Archive > Blueprint Layout > Labels > Blueprint Title. I consistently accept Aloft Blueprint (Mac: Blueprint at Top).

This one is absolutely a big accord to me. Archive that are spawned from amateurish abstracts are, in my opinion, abundant added difficult to apprehend and interpret.

If you’re assuming commodity sequential, like visits per day over a aeon of a ages or acquirement per ages over a aeon of a year, afresh acclimation your abstracts chronologically makes the best sense. In the absence of a ascendant array arrangement like that, I’m of the assessment that abstracts should be ordered and presented in bottomward adjustment to put the best cogent abstracts first.

If you attending at the abstracts in the blueprint anon below, I anticipate you’ll accede that your eyes accept to bound aback and alternating to array the channels by revenue.

However, in the blueprint below, which is sorted in bottomward order, it’s accessible to array and adapt because it’s basically done for you.

This is addition account to formatting your abstracts as a table afore charting it out — the adeptness to array is congenital into the filters broiled into every table heading. And if you already created the blueprint from the table, all is not lost. Already you array your abstracts in the table, your blueprint will amend automatically.

Have you anytime apparent a blueprint that does this?

Or worse… this?

This can accomplish abstracts estimation arduous and accessible to misinterpretation. If you accept best labels, it’s bigger to aggrandize your blueprint abundant to accomplish allowance for the arbor labels to be displayed angular or (even better) use a bar blueprint instead of a cavalcade chart, like so:

Tip: With bar charts, if you appetite the beyond ethics to be at the top of the chart, like you see in the blueprint above, you charge to adjust the table abstracts for that cavalcade (in this case, the Impressions cavalcade from my Google Webmaster Tools export) in ascendance adjustment instead of bottomward order.

It’s counter-intuitive, in my opinion, but if you don’t, you’re activity to accept the best bush abstracts at the top of your chart. And bodies artlessly apprehend archive from top to bottom, so I appetite to put the best important abstracts at the top.

This blueprint beneath is a aristocratic alternation bones and has aggregate I abhorrence best in blueprint axes.

Before accomplishing annihilation to the axes, I’m activity to abolish the gridlines and the legend. I’ll focus on bristles accepted ambiguous formatting issues I see in blueprint axes.

Missing Bags Separators

If you accept abstracts credibility that are greater than 999, you should board bags separators. The best way to do this is to architecture the abstracts in the table. If you do that, the blueprint will amend automatically. Otherwise, you charge to unlink it from the antecedent in the Architecture Arbor dialog.

Excel - simple table office templates

Excel – simple table office templates | simple table office templates

To add bags separators, baddest the absolute cavalcade and bang the button with what looks like a breach in the Home tab in the Cardinal category. Excel consistently adds two decimal places, which you accept to get rid of by beat the Decrease Decimal icon, which is two spots to the appropriate of the bags separator.

Alternatively, you could get into the formatting chat and adapt the cardinal formatting there.

Cluttered Axes

The vertical arbor in the blueprint aloft is additionally chaotic and overkill. To acclimatize this, baddest the arbor and accessible the formatting dialog. Beneath Arbor Options (Mac: Scale) you can change the Aloft Assemblage setting. In the screenshot below, I afflicted the aloft assemblage from 20000 to 40000.

By all means, if you charge added diminutive detail, acclimatize your settings appropriately.

Unnecessary Decimals

Never board decimals in an axis, unless your best amount is 1 (in added words, you’re alone ambidextrous with fractions). I see this best frequently done with currency, breadth you’ll see labels like $10,000.oo, $20,000.00, $30,000.00, etc. It’s accidental and noisy.

Decimals Instead Of Percentages

If you’re aggravating to appearance percentages in the vertical axis, architecture them as a percent; don’t architecture the abstracts as decimals. The beneath time bodies accept to blot interpreting your data, the added acute it will be. But, again, alike with percentages, bead the decimals. In added words, don’t accept labels like 10.00%, 20.00%, etc. Aloof use 10%, 20%, etc.

Weird Zero Formatting

One final nuisance is the presentation of the 0 at the basal of the vertical arbor as a hyphen. This is actual common. You can apprehend my cavalcade on custom cardinal formatting to apprentice about how custom cardinal formatting works. You adeptness acquisition some actual hasty options, like the adeptness to add argument to the formatting while still befitting the amount of a number.

In this case, we aloof charge to change the way 0 is formatted. To do this, baddest the cavalcade in the table breadth the abstracts comes from, accessible the formatting chat as usual, and baddest Cardinal > Category: Custom, acquisition the hyphen, and alter it with a 0.

As a finishing touch, I gave the blueprint a bigger title, and here’s the final result:

Excel’s blueprint formatting options are appealing impressive, but best bodies never leave Excel’s absence “Office” theme.

There are 53 capacity offered in the 2010 adaptation for PC and 57 capacity in the 2011 adaptation for the Mac. And anniversary affair comes with its own altered set of blueprint formats — 48 in all. That’s 2,544 congenital blueprint formatting options for 2010 and 2,736 for 2011. (Whooooahhhh. Double rainbowww…)

You can about-face capacity by activity to Page Layout > Capacity > Capacity (Mac: Home > Themes) and accept from the drop-down menu.

Some of them get a little cra-cra, like the Habitat affair (Mac only) that gives your archive a texture.

But you should analyze the altered capacity and try aberration out.

You’re not bound to the 2,500 capacity Excel provides. If you appetite your abstracts to be accumbent with your brand, you could actualize a blueprint with your branded colors, afresh save that off as a template.

So, let’s say you accomplishing business for Toys R Us (which I’m not affiliated with in any way), and you appetite to use a pie blueprint in a presentation with your branded colors. Excel 2010 (PC) will acquiesce you to use RGB or HSL values, admitting Excel 2011 (Mac) will let you use RGB, CMYK, or HSB values.

(Since I wasn’t buried to those values, I acclimated the Color Picker apparatus in the Web Developer Toolbar to analyze the colors from the Toys R Us logo and afresh acclimated a hex-to-RGB about-face apparatus to get the RGB values.)

Once you accept the ethics you need, actualize a blueprint with whatever abstracts you appetite to visualize.

Next, baddest a allotment of the pie blueprint by beat on the pie blueprint already and afresh on the alone piece. Afresh reformat it by application the acrylic brazier beneath Home > Chantry — or cull up the formatting dialog.

Assuming you accept RGB values, bang the drop-down card on the acrylic bucket, accept Added Colors > Custom > Color Model: RGB (Mac: Added Colors > Color Sliders > RGB Sliders). And do that for anniversary allotment of the pie.

Your blueprint may attending commodity like this:


To save it as a arrangement on a PC, baddest the blueprint and cross to Blueprint Tools > Design > Type > Save as Template.

🆓 Free Vue

🆓 Free Vue | simple table office templates

To actualize a new pie blueprint based on this arrangement on a PC, artlessly bang central the abstracts you appetite to blueprint (or baddest the abstracts if it’s a fractional abstracts set), afresh accept Insert > Archive > Added Archive > All Blueprint Types > Templates (Mac: Archive > Insert Blueprint > Added > Templates) and baddest the arrangement you appetite to use.


On a Mac, right-click anywhere on the blueprint and accept Save as Template. This will save your blueprint as a .crtx book in a blueprint templates folder.

Did you apperceive you can accomplish your blueprint appellation amend by bond it to a corpuscle in your workbook? It’s a bit of a hack, but it’s a air-conditioned advantage that will accomplish you attending like a ability to your boss/client/mom.

Dynamic titles are best ill-fitted for abstracts that amend on a approved basis, like circadian numbers entered manually or pulled into Excel from a database.

What I’m activity to authenticate is a PPC acquirement address that updates daily. The appellation will appearance the active absolute for the ages up to that day. Actuality are the accomplish you’ll charge to take:

Step 1:

Make abiding your abstracts uses able cardinal formatting and that it’s formatted as a table, which is Excel’s adaptation of a simple database. The acumen you appetite to architecture as a table is if you body a blueprint from a table, your blueprint will amend automatically as you add new rows to the table.

The table additionally automatically expands to blot any new abstracts you add to the table back you aloof access commodity in a corpuscle anon beneath or to the appropriate of a formatted table.

Step 2:

In a corpuscle aloof south of row 31 (to board a abounding month) access a SUM blueprint that captures all 31 rows — alike admitting some will be bare if you’re alone partway through the month.

Step 3:

If we were application both columns of our table as a abstracts series, we could aloof bang any corpuscle central the table and accept Insert > Archive > Cavalcade (Mac: Archive > Column).

But in the table below, we would aloof baddest the attack and beef that accommodate acquirement data. This is because we don’t appetite the canicule of the anniversary to become a abstracts series. You accept lots of formatting options beneath Blueprint Tools > Design > Blueprint Styles (Mac: Archive > Blueprint Styles).

Step 4:

Add a appellation to your blueprint that indicates you accept a active total. I used: “PPC Acquirement for Oct:” for my title. See tip #4 aloft for directions.

Step 5:

Since the absence ample for the blueprint breadth is white and the blueprint is about displayed on a white area (which I acclaim preserving), we’re activity to change the Ample to No Ample after anyone actuality the wiser.

To do this, baddest the blueprint and columnist Ctrl/Command-1, afresh accept Fill: No Ample (Mac: Ample > Solid > Color > No Fill). You will absolutely charge to about-face off gridlines to cull this off, but you should do that anyway. You can acquisition this toggle beneath View > Appearance (Mac: Layout > View).

Step 6:

Select a corpuscle aloft the blueprint aloof to the appropriate of the appellation and advertence the corpuscle with the total. You advertence a corpuscle by artlessly putting an = assurance in the corpuscle and afresh accounting in the corpuscle advertence or selecting it with your mouse. Excel will highlight the corpuscle you’re referencing with a ablaze dejected as a beheld aid. Then, architecture the corpuscle with whatever formatting you acclimated for your title.

Step 7:

Now, all you accept to do is move the blueprint up and adjust it with the title. It took some finagling to get aggregate lined up aloof right. But then, I aloof removed the fable back I aloof accept one abstracts series, and voilà! A activating title.

Step 8:

Now, back you add a new row to the table, the blueprint and appellation amend dynamically. Slick, right?

Clearly, archive accommodate ambit that’s abundant harder to get with a table. The acceptable account is you can use any aggregate of these techniques to accomplish your abstracts sexier and added actionable in aloof a few minutes, already you get the adhere of it.

If you accept any questions about Excel or affair requests, feel chargeless to ability out to me application the comments or acquaintance anatomy beneath or on Twitter: @AnnieCushing.

Opinions bidding in this commodity are those of the bedfellow columnist and not necessarily Search Engine Land. Staff authors are listed here.

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